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Finally, a Success

At this time BBC Radio Drama launched their biennial competition – the Alfred Bradley Bursary Award (ABBA), the self-styled most prestigious radio drama prize in the country – to encourage new radio writing in the North of England. The winner was to be awarded a cash bursary, mentorship, and to get their script produced as an afternoon play on Radio 4.

Radio 4 and 2

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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 02

Life without a bath, and a bathroom, or even a fully-working toilet continues…Rochdale Lion Isy Suttie Colditz

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The Great British Disaster

Ever since the Costa Concordia, and her party Captain, ran aground in Tuscany, and her sister ship the Costa Allegra lost all power in the pirate-infested Indian Ocean, I’ve been getting pretty worried about sitting here typing away in Costa Coffee as bad luck always comes in threes.

And, to borrow an opportune Jimmy Carr gag from 10 O’Clock Live last week:

“It would seem Costa ships are like buses… Not seaworthy.”

Which brings us all to mind, I am sure, of the famous Great British Disaster of 2011…

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Tastes Like Chicken

Adolf Hitler is Alive and Well and Living in Newark. Oh yeah.

For years I’ve been of the opinion, through visiting pedigree cat shows, that the thoroughbred cat people are akin to the Nazis: what with their sniffy judges questing for feline genetic purity and being brutally dismissive of all those that fall short.

And then I listened to the BBC Radio 4 documentary Roger’s Rabbits (2011) about thoroughbred rabbit breeders and see that that lot are even worse! Worse than the cat breeders that is, not the Nazis… That’s probably what I meant… That’s possibly that’s what I meant…

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