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The Reading Room 03

I popped along to my gentlemen’s club, late-night library Wednesday, and the most famous of the regular members was gently sleeping across from me.

So far, so normal.

Carry On Up the Jungle.jpg

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The Reading Room 01

The Central Library, right by the bus station, is a large Edwardian building built after the Victorian paper manufacturer Thomas Wrigley bequeathed his sizable art collection to the people of Bury thus requiring somewhere to house it.1 It became an ever-modernising cultural centre containing, alongside the art, a museum, an expansive library, reading rooms, computer rooms, and the town’s historical archives. A treasure which undoubtedly still goes unappreciated by many.


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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 01

And so begins two weeks of hell as the bathroom is being done. I only asked for one thing, to be told the bath was going to join the choir invisible, and so I stressed the desire that at least the sink should have two taps like any normal upstanding Englishman. The amount of say I have around here is awesome.cast-iron-bath

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