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It took me a long time to realise that I write because it is within me. That it needs to out. And looking back throughout my life it’s emerged from me in some form or another from unfinished childish jotting to a couple of short stories sent to magazines; and from a student website built from scratch to programmes for parties after I’d told people that parties required such a thing; and all of this despite being a slow reader where English was my weakest subject.


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A Foreigner’s Guide To The Olympic Closing Ceremony

Possibly my most popular blog post was A Foreigner’s Guide to the Olympic Opening Ceremony after I just happened to catch the start of Danny Boyle’s extravaganza and got drawn in alongside the British viewing audience that saw literally a third of the country still watching at half past midnight. So when I discovered there was to be a similar Closing Ceremony extravaganza then how could I not tune in?

A genuine Damien Hirst artwork

Or, for viewers of NBC: Here’s what you may have missed once it was filleted to make it more appropriate for an American viewing audience. For a time my Mum used to “edit” Red Dwarf to make it more appropriate. I must have been thirteen at the time, my brothers younger, but even so that was beyond the pale even then. Just saying.

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A Foreigner’s Guide to the State Opening of Parliament

Former Colonials, members of the Commonwealth, Britain is a thriving modern country and not at all anything like what I know you believe it to be, i.e. Hogwarts, so allow me to welcome you to the home of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal for a foreigner’s guide to the State Opening of Parliament 2012…

Although to be honest I don’t imagine it’s changed much in the last several hundred years…

And if you have no clue as to what really goes on in this country then I imagine that you’re probably in for a bit of an eye-opener.

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