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Invasion of the Costa Coffees

Having given up the University refectory I set out to find a local café I could call my own, which was within walking distance because I could no longer fork out the extortionate amounts the buses were charging, and this luckily coincided with the local invasion of the many Costa Coffees.14 Settling on the original, right by the market, I therefore set out my stall to reside in there for as much as I could, surrounded by the inspirational panoramic view through their goldfish bowl windows, and I dreamed of becoming the J.K. Rowling of Bury.

Costa Invasion

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The Robot Nelson Mandela

As a child I was blown away by the extended 1969 Monty Python’s Flying Circus Science Fiction sketch which had most of that week’s episode dedicated to it. It was an epic science fiction adventure, ahead of it’s time and no more truer than today, where a group of invading aliens, later revealed to be giant Blancmanges, were causing panic by turning the population of England into that they feared the most: Scotsmen! Yeah…

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