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It took me a long time to realise that I write because it is within me. That it needs to out. And looking back throughout my life it’s emerged from me in some form or another from unfinished childish jotting to a couple of short stories sent to magazines; and from a student website built from scratch to programmes for parties after I’d told people that parties required such a thing; and all of this despite being a slow reader where English was my weakest subject.


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The Reading Room 03

I popped along to my gentlemen’s club, late-night library Wednesday, and the most famous of the regular members was gently sleeping across from me.

So far, so normal.

Carry On Up the Jungle.jpg

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My Life of Crime Through Five Film Analogies

I have been enjoying the anonymity that blogging brings with it, if you choose, because nobody reading this knows who I really and none of you will have guessed that I’m actually a major international criminal. The only reason that I’m not on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list is that I set out to pull off the perfect crime and got away with it.

I never got caught, because nobody ever started looking, and with my immorally accrued wealth it’s finally time to be honest to the people that read this.

This is my confession, the tale of my life of crime, about how I disproved the adage that crime doesn’t pay, and all through five film analogies! SPOILERS: This post contains explicit plot spoilers for the film Fight Club which is a very good film and if you haven’t seen it then you should probably turn away now. As a result, from that preamble, you’re likely to end up thinking better of me than those who make it to the end and discover the complete shower of an individual I’ll probably turn out to be.

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