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Horror Film Writer

It took me a long time to realise that I write because it is within me. That it needs to out. And looking back throughout my life it’s emerged from me in some form or another from unfinished childish jotting to a couple of short stories sent to magazines; and from a student website built from scratch to programmes for parties after I’d told people that parties required such a thing; and all of this despite being a slow reader where English was my weakest subject.


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Meeting Your Heroes

Imagine your worst nightmare… Imagine it’s something you couldn’t wake up from because it wasn’t a dream… Imagine it’s something so emotionally disturbing that you never told a living soul for ten whole years… And then, and only then, imagine that after another decade has passed that you find a home video of it for sale on eBay… A blog post twenty years in the making: You should never meet your heroes.  01 John Henry Fuseli The Nightmare Read more…

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