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Horror Film Writer

It took me a long time to realise that I write because it is within me. That it needs to out. And looking back throughout my life it’s emerged from me in some form or another from unfinished childish jotting to a couple of short stories sent to magazines; and from a student website built from scratch to programmes for parties after I’d told people that parties required such a thing; and all of this despite being a slow reader where English was my weakest subject.


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The Usual Characters

One of my none-fiction writing heroes came to town the other day although I didn’t make the effort to go and see him; partly because £16 a ticket is too rich for my blood, but mostly as he was here to talk about his new film Frank.frank2

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Super Freaking Economics

Last February in Detroit they were kicking around the idea to erect a new public statue dedicated to some local hero. The only problem was that the masses of the great unwashed wanted it to be a statue of Robocop: the fictional Hollywood mechanised-corpse law-enforcer from the eighties.

I like how the mayor of Detroit felt it necessary to issue a statement: “There are not any plans to erect a statue of Robocop. Thank you for the suggestion”.

Whereas in amongst what you might call the London riots of the August just gone, in the temporary breakdown of society, the British general public were calling out for the likes of Robocop and Gene Hunt to be sent out to restore order… But a word to the wise for David Cameron is that he might like to do a little bit of reading first…

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