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Becoming A Professional Writer

To gain writing experience this time around I tried to avoid this sort of long-distance nonsense and enrolled on a history of short film course at the Cornerhouse; travelled to a workshop for writing radio drama in London; paid fifty pounds to get the inside track on an upcoming BBC sitcom from its producer; travelled to hear professional playwrights and TV writers; enrolled on writing, scriptwriting, and acting courses at the Oldham Coliseum; and on the back of a local Council-run course I got my first short theatre piece performed at the Bury Met.7 The greatest thing you can say about that was how the Mayor of Bury walked out on it: and he was there officially, chain and all.


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Me, Concert Pianist. Me, Magician.

Some things you don’t know about me include that I once fought a forest fire, at the age of eight I went on the stage, and that I have an incredible amount of trouble with people’s faces. I’m also like a magician when I’m tinkling the ivories, so, think of a number… Magician 500 Read more…

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