Frivolous Monsters

The Reading Room 04

I was doing late-night Wednesday at the library and it was quiet and surprisingly devoid of characters. This was until the Rubber Band Man arrived to liven things up.  08

He was a bit lacking in rubber bands that night having a bandage around one knee of his shell suit instead, and he came in and deposited all his many bags on his usual seat which I’d found myself already positioned to be in with a good view.

He did a lot of ferreting about before he wandered off and hearing some of his bags topple I looked up from my work to see that popcorn was spilling out onto a chair. I felt obliged to point this out to him but saw that he was stood over the bin on my left with what looked like a cinema tub of popcorn that he was stirring rapidly with a stick; a stick which I feared he may have just have found in the bin. Then, to my right again, I heard more noise and saw more popcorn spilling out of his bag and I began to wonder if he was popping it himself.

He returned to his seat with his stirring stick and started picking up all the spillage. He then pulled out a blue crush drink from the same bag, in a cup, and started pouring it into a used drinks bottle; a drinks bottle which I feared he may have just found in the bin.

The staff seemed to be eying up his antics, and before I left I saw another customer shaking his head in disbelief, but it looked like he’d been to the cinema and cleaned the place up, like a Womble, picking up what everyday folk left behind.

And what was so bad about that? It was recycling and he saved someone else having to do it.

Now, who’s next on the stick?


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5 thoughts on “The Reading Room 04

  1. O.K. – I forgive you for giving me the Detroit Spinners’ Rubberband Man as an earworm after last week’s post because I love that song but now I’m hearing The Wombles of Wimbledon Common and that one I don’t love.

    I cannot believe that you were recently victimised by the librarians for taking photographs out of the library window when men in bandaged shell suits can empty bins and play with recycled popcorn and Slush Puppies unmolested.

    • Sorry for that. I never see the music. The next one references another children’s programme although if it had a theme tune it is certainly less famous as I cannot think what it was.

      Also I like to think some of the people coming up are more dodgy and destructive, still, but I guess that that is what I’m trying to do: line up a series of regulars against me and question how I came off the worst.

  2. As a passing thought, I was just wondering how you manage to get any writing/thinking done with all these bizarre distractions, or, are they your source material?? Looks like the library is more fertile ground than Costa!

    • Ha, I actually prefer there to be something going on. As long as I’m out and fixed in my position with work to be done I welcome these sort of interactions. I guess they have become source material for this writing. Both the library, and Costa, and elsewhere in everyday life have had their moments.

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