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Slave to the Machine

I had some unexpected visitations in the run up to Christmas; knocking like spectral clanking chains. But as they all appeared on the doorstep, and there were only two of them, then it appeared that my role in proceedings was something akin to a cut-price Scrooge for the austerity generation. Times are hard, for everyone, it seems.


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Coffee Shop Decorations

It was in Costa Coffee that they once told me how as soon as Halloween is over, even before Guy Fawkes night occurs, Christmas begins. And so it was that I found them cracking out the festive takeaway cups again whilst, to accompany my drink through the large goldfish bowl windows, some wino with fancy trainers was quietly sleeping on a bench outside. The very spirit of Christmas, I thought… for the beginning of November.

Tramp Outside Costa Coffee

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The American Holidays

     I’ve been spoilt by my favourite bookshop Fopp, which sells two books for a fiver, and so when the Spectre Trilogy – the three James Bond novels which apparently tell the rise and fall of that criminal organisation1 – appeared in my local remainder bookshop for ten pounds I thought them a little “pricey”.

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Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, and the Case of the Missing Ear

It was like an episode of Thunderbirds in Bury when the most perilous disaster the town had ever seen was averted – a hundred lives saved – after the fire brigade sprang into action to face their greatest challenge during the brunt of an unnamed storm outside the local Wetherspoon’s pub which had taken up residence in the old cinema building.

Letter E 500

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