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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 04

Ten days now of washing, shaving, brushing my teeth, and having bed baths in the kitchen sink like old man Steptoe.  Old Man Steptoe

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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 03

Entering the second week of being forced out onto the street to experience stuff during bathroom’s renovation… Although as the bath’s not coming back I guess it’ll just become a room.Best and Windows

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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 02

Life without a bath, and a bathroom, or even a fully-working toilet continues…Rochdale Lion Isy Suttie Colditz

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The Last Days of the Bath – Part 01

And so begins two weeks of hell as the bathroom is being done. I only asked for one thing, to be told the bath was going to join the choir invisible, and so I stressed the desire that at least the sink should have two taps like any normal upstanding Englishman. The amount of say I have around here is awesome.cast-iron-bath

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