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Happenstance, Coincidence, and Fate – Part 02

On a certain dating website I get a lot of mail from girls informing me that I’m the most miserable-sounding person on the whole site. Seriously, though, it’s nice of them to take the time. I also get lots of nice comments about my cat, with whom I’m pictured, and so it’s nice that at least one of us is popular. Thus it is about time that he got what’s due with the ballad of the three-legged, half-eared cat.  b 01 Pod Kingdom

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Happenstance, Coincidence, and Fate – Part 01

There have been two times in my life when I’ve encountered events of such synchronicity that I’ve come to hold them aloft as examples of fate. Only twice. Some people find fairies at the bottom of their garden, such as Elsie Wright in 1917 – who actually cut out some pictures, stood them up with hatpins, took some photos, and went on to fool the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Kodak – whereas, in 2010, I found what turned out to be a very hungry three-legged, half-eared cat.01 Cottingley Fairies

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