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Crazy, Sexy – Part 02

I was the man with the plan. Firstly to travel across land and sea for thirteen hours, like Vasco da Gama, to reach the mythical country of Ireland; Secondly to pick up a strange girl in Dublin; And finally to trek all the way across Ireland, with said girl, like something out of JRR Tolkien, to find the Atlantic Ocean and attend the wedding of someone I’ve never, ever, met. Now WHAT could possibly go wrong?Here be Dragons

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Crazy, Sexy – Part 01

You’ve never been on a plane? Someone said. The closest I ever came was last year when some crazy, sexy, girl asked me if I wanted to go to a wedding in Ireland as a plus-one and – despite my default setting being to think thrice before even peering out from under my duvet of a morning – I know that if a crazy, sexy, girl asks you to do something: You Say Yes. Ready to spring into action it soon became apparent that I was lacking one or two little things.  Carr Hitler Picture 4

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