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Lust For Glory

I’ve been a fan of the Scottish literary character Bob Servant from even before he was first published as I bore witness to a hilarious reading from some of his antics due to the heady mix of a celebrity asked for a quote for the book’s cover, a preview copy, and his pay-per-listen podcast. A resident of Broughty Ferry Servant will often remind you that he’s a veteran of the Dundee cheeseburger wars of the nineteen-eighties and that he went on to own the largest window cleaning round in Western Europe, until he had his ladders stolen by Gypsies, but that’s Bob all over. His first book Delete This at your Peril comes about after he happened to win a computer in the bowling club raffle and, new to the internet, took to engaging international spammers in conversation, leading them a merry dance, whilst all they were trying to do was extract his bank details. There was only ever going to be one winner.

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