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A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the most adapted stories with countless films, adaptations, parodies and pastiches… And so now may I present my own re-telling with a certain supermarket who, like in the tale of Scrooge, I visited three times in search of festive cheer during the long run-up to Christmas. Featuring my favourite blonde checkout girl, I’ll be playing the roll of all three Christmas ghosts, and Tesco will be providing the lack of Christmas spirit… The analogy kind-of breaks down after that…  Christmas Carol Tesco Ghosts Scrooge 600b

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My Stalking Hell

Having read the book Freakonomics I know that, on a base level, humans respond to incentives. I’ve never been an early-adaptor of new technology and for years shied away from mobile phones due to all the hoo-ha over brain tumours, and the like, but all that suddenly changed when factors in my life shifted and I felt I really needed to have a mobile phone with me… Just in case.   Stalking Hell Nosferatu Shadow

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Steak Muffins

I’m kind-of dropping the Christmas ball with this post, but this past week whilst my Mum jetted off to Washington I went through the old family photos in her bedroom cupboard looking for period Santa pictures (see the previous post) and I ended up finding so, so, much more… I ended up discovering the world of Steak Muffins.  Christmas Eva Habermann Steak Muffins

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The Many Faces of Santa Claus

I only remember visiting Father Christmas once or twice in my life and on December the first this year, on the inevitable slide towards Christmas, I went along into town where the Art Gallery was holding a local Craft Fair where he was set to put in an appearance with the flyer advertising a “rare opportunity” to immortalise him, in the medium of your choice, with a Santa life-drawing class…The Many Faces of Santa Claus Father Christmas

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