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A Foreigner’s Guide to the Paralympic Closing Ceremony

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was like a free glass of wine on entry, the starter, and main course; the Olympic Closing Ceremony was like too much rich dessert to make you bilious and take you to the point of throwing up; The Paralympic Opening Ceremony like that wafer-thin mint too much to make you explode like an obese suicide bomber… And then there was another… Another Olympic Ceremony as the Paralympics closed: The FOURTH in a matter of weeks! Another four-hour extravaganza… The pain, the pain, when will it all end?

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A Foreigner’s Guide To The Paralympic Opening Ceremony

After the exuberance and the wonder of the Olympic Opening Ceremony directed by Danny Boyle, and the stodgy final demise of the Olympic Closing Ceremony that went on and on and on, I felt a little bilious to discover that the Paralympics would be having a three hour Opening Ceremony too.

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