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The Dating Comet of Doom

There are two things that comets are famous for: The first being flying portents of doom bringing bad omens such as in 66 AD when the Emperor Nero took the appearance of Halley’s Comet so seriously that he had most of the Roman nobility massacred to prevent what he imagined as fateful assassination.

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A Foreigner’s Guide To The Olympic Closing Ceremony

Possibly my most popular blog post was A Foreigner’s Guide to the Olympic Opening Ceremony after I just happened to catch the start of Danny Boyle’s extravaganza and got drawn in alongside the British viewing audience that saw literally a third of the country still watching at half past midnight. So when I discovered there was to be a similar Closing Ceremony extravaganza then how could I not tune in?

A genuine Damien Hirst artwork

Or, for viewers of NBC: Here’s what you may have missed once it was filleted to make it more appropriate for an American viewing audience. For a time my Mum used to “edit” Red Dwarf to make it more appropriate. I must have been thirteen at the time, my brothers younger, but even so that was beyond the pale even then. Just saying.

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A Foreigner’s Guide to the Olympic Opening Ceremony

It was literally only the other day that I realised I was born in Radcliffe, just like Danny Boyle. Possibly at the same hospital, I couldn’t find out exactly where, but we both also definitely went to the same university in Wales. As you can see our lives have spanned out identically… Except that I’ve never made a ludicrous film about people going on a expedition to the sun to turn it back on.

I’ve not been a fan of London getting the Olympics with its over-commercialisation, its fascist advertising deals, our athletes selling out, and Sebastian Coe, but then on the spur of the moment I did happen to tune into Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony and I was hooked. Besides, I did have another vested interest…

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