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Tastes Like Chicken

Adolf Hitler is Alive and Well and Living in Newark. Oh yeah.

For years I’ve been of the opinion, through visiting pedigree cat shows, that the thoroughbred cat people are akin to the Nazis: what with their sniffy judges questing for feline genetic purity and being brutally dismissive of all those that fall short.

And then I listened to the BBC Radio 4 documentary Roger’s Rabbits (2011) about thoroughbred rabbit breeders and see that that lot are even worse! Worse than the cat breeders that is, not the Nazis… That’s probably what I meant… That’s possibly that’s what I meant…

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Nervously Waiting For The Test Result

It’s the twenty-first century and our accumulated wisdom and knowledge now amounts to greater than that held at the Library of Alexandria itself. And thanks to the British education system, and being brought up in front of the television, I myself am capable of great feats of learning:

I can prove Pythagoras’s theorem as to why the square of the hypotenuse for any right-angled triangle equals the sum of the square of the other two sides.

I can prove that it was actually David Ferrie who popped off old JFK fifty years ago and not the public distraction that was Lee Harvey Oswald.

I can prove that even though the filming for Grange Hill changed location and city over its thirty year run, canonically speaking, the characters still held the line that it nonsensically remained the Comprehensive High School building.

And, with my false Bangkok driving licence, I can prove that I’m over twenty-one.

But yesterday I was staggered with what I was as asked to prove…

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TV: One Plot, Two Different Series

Warning: This post contains explicit SPOILERS about the plots of British television series and if you don’t want them ruined then I recommend that you look away now… Right now… Because not so long ago I spotted that two high-profile series had ended up using the same plot. Read more…

Fear and Loathing in the North of England

I don’t often read books in public lest I be caught out like the late Bill Hicks who was publicly outed by a truck driver in a Tennessee Waffle House with “Well, looks like we got ourselves a readah”, before being questioned by the waitress with: “What are you readin’ for?”

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