Frivolous Monsters

The Top Ten Local Criminals (Addendum)

I forgot I’d taken this picture, with my 0.3 MB phone camera, of the news stands in August 2013 at the entrance to the indoor market proclaiming: “PONY RIDER FINED FOR TRIP TO MACDONALD’S” which ties in with my top ten local villains.Bury Market

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Local Super Villains – Part 02

The two local Super Villains had gone to ground, leaving me amongst the chief suspects, but then both of them were about to be upstaged by someone new who came riding into town.Monsters Part 02

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Local Super Villains – Part 01

Sherlock Holmes has his Moriarty, James Bond has Blofeld, whilst the likes of everyone from Batman to Doctor Who have a plethora of extreme foes who come around again and again. They’re the Super Villains, a cut above the rest, and that’s what I see my life, as I walk amongst the scum and the detritus of the local criminal fraternity, one of whom I personally tracked to his lair when I became a chief suspect in his reign of terror.Monsters Part 01

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The Usual Characters

One of my none-fiction writing heroes came to town the other day although I didn’t make the effort to go and see him; partly because £16 a ticket is too rich for my blood, but mostly as he was here to talk about his new film Frank.frank2

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Me, Concert Pianist. Me, Magician.

Some things you don’t know about me include that I once fought a forest fire, at the age of eight I went on the stage, and that I have an incredible amount of trouble with people’s faces. I’m also like a magician when I’m tinkling the ivories, so, think of a number… Magician 500 Read more…

Wooden Legs

One of my earliest memories hails from a trip to Blackpool in my youth and it was also that fateful day when I discovered my Dad had two wooden legs. You’d have thought I’d have noticed a bi-peg-legged half-pine parent before then, wouldn’t you? Head in the clouds, me.Glasses

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Two Words

Two years blogging today. A year ago I was pessimistic about WordPress and thinking of throwing in the towel. Now, using various markers to see how well I’m doing, this year I’m just pessimistic about life itself.Poe Lennon Blessed

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Not Quite the Christmas – Part 02

On Christmas morning I woke up to the words that every child longs to hear: “I forgot to wrap one of yours… And I forgot to buy one of yours… Happy Christmas!Brussels sprouts

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Not Quite the Christmas – Part 01

I love Christmas and from childhood it’s always been a very traditional affair with the week leading to New Year being a quiet time living off leftovers. In recent years the tradition has been whittled down, but even so this was not quite the Christmas I was expecting.Old Christmas Lights

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A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas fable, and a revelation where I become a father, in a festive blog post sponsored by Raspberry Sourz. As they say in their adverts: GIVE IT SOME…Raspberry Sourz

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